Tailgate Challenge Competition

Tailgate Challenge

Show off your best tailgating skills, decorations, and team spirit at the
Tailgate Challenge Competition!

outside the Von Braun Center South Hall

Now part of the Alabama Barbecue Association

 Alabama BBQ Association

Most of you know how food is judged in a cook-off,
but some may wonder how Decorations and Team Spirit
might be judged? It’s simple!

Decorations will be judged and rated for:

• Creativity
• Tailgate Theme 
• Presentation

The more the better!


Team Spirit will be judged and rated for

• Enthusiasm
• Team Attire
• Pre-Game Promotion of Event

Be sure to use the hashtag #VBCTailgate and your team name whenever you post
about the event to your social media accounts so we can track it!


Got more questions? Contact us!


Register Your Team Today…Space is limited!!!

Price $100, with $50 gift card given to each team | 20×20 Space


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For more information or to sponsor the Tailgate Challenge, please email Lacy Pruitt Fitzpatrick or call (256) 551-2236.